Here’s my attempt to order all of the professionalization material into a linear narrative, moving from being a prospective graduate student, through graduate studies and writing a dissertation, to being a faculty member.

Starting Graduate Study

Finding the Right Program for You

Asking for Letters of Recommendation

During Graduate Study

Figuring Our a Dissertation Committee

Taking Qualifying Exams

Writing a Dissertation — the 5-page dissertation method & the big picture

Getting Started on Professionalization

The Mentoring Compact (or What to Give and What to Expect from an Advisor-Advisee Relationship)

The Professionalization Timeline

Attending Academic Conferences

Working on a CV

Finding a Job

Preparing a Job Letter & What People are Reading Job Letters for

Developing a Second Project

Designing Syllabuses

Preparing a Teaching Statement

Expanding your Network

Preparing a Job Talk

Getting Published

Article Writing

How to Write an Article in 6 Steps 1 (Analyze), 2 (Conclusion), 3 (Lit Review), 4 (Cases), 5 (Introduction & Argument), 6 (Fine Tuning)

My Most Common Peer Review Suggestions, Compiled

How I Revise Articles for Resubmission

“Ask a Journal Author” Q & A

Next Steps toward or on the Tenure Track

From Dissertation to Book, part 1 & 2

Your Dissertation is not Your First Book

Thinking about the Career — as an assistant professor; as an associate professor

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