I am currently conducting interviews with current and former boxers and their families in the U.S. to discuss head injuries and their impacts on family life. If this is you or someone you know, please contact me at matthew.wolf.meyer(@)gmail.com. Interviews will be conducted via telephone, a video meeting, or in person (as possible), and will be recorded and transcribed.

In discussions about the “concussion crisis” in sports, boxing and other high-contact sports are often left out of the discussion. The “concussion crisis” often focuses on football (in the U.S.) and rugby (outside of the U.S.). Boxers—and other athletes who compete in martial arts sports—can’t benefit from new technologies, like helmets and padding, used by football players. Despite interest in protecting athletes from concussion, boxers continue to be exposed to injuries that may have long-term consequences for them and their families.

This research project seeks to highlight the experiences of current and former boxers and their families as they navigate the U.S. healthcare system to care for family members with head injuries. Several individuals and families will be profiled in a book that focuses on concussion and health care for athletes.

Participation in this research is entirely voluntary and individuals can choose at any time to withdraw. Transcripts of interviews will be provided to participants for correction. Anonymity of participants is at the discretion of the participant. There is currently no funding to support participation.

Under current guidance from the U.S. government, life history interviews do not qualify as human subjects research. Despite this, participants will be provided with informed consent information via email.