Current Courses at Binghamton University: 

My Reading, Viewing, & Podcast Guides

ANTH 166: Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology (2017)

ANTH 166: Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology (2016)

ANTH 180R: Race and Racism (2019)

ANTH 280K: The Biology of Everyday Life (2021)

ANTH 280W: Human Futures (2017) (The Future Events Assignment) and (2019) and (2020)

ANTH 380D: Ethnographic Film (2018)

ANTH 450: Brains, Consciousness, Personhood (2017)

ANTH 480A: Global Social Theory (2019) and (2021)

ANTH 519: Ethnographic and Ethnohistorical Methods (2016) 

ANTH 570I: Disciplinary Institutions (2017)

From My Time at UC Santa Cruz:

Here’s a list of the courses I taught at UC Santa Cruz, along with syllabuses. (If you’re a current student, don’t assume that these syllabuses are the same for Binghamton.) My undergraduate courses tended to focus on the social study of medicine and science (and sometimes qualitative methods):

ANTH 2: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (2015)

ANTH 134: Medical Anthropology: An Introduction (2014)

ANTH 136: The Biology of Everyday Life (2012)

ANTH 151: Ethnographic Methods (2012)

ANTH 152B: Survey of (Contemporary) Cultural Anthropological Theory (2015)

ANTH 153: Medicine & Colonialism (2011)

ANTH 194M: Advanced Topics in Medical Anthropology (2013)

My graduate courses at UC Santa Cruz were a little more varied, and covered things like anthropological methods, experimentation in the arts, social sciences and sciences, and social theory:

ANTH 208A: Ethnographic Practice (2013)

ANTH 214: Culture & Power (2015)

ANTH 257: Cultures of Science, Science as Culture (2009)

ANTH 258: Experimental Cultures (2009)

ANTH 262: Documenting Cultures (with Irene Lusztig) (2014)

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