There are a number of places to look for jobs in anthropology (and related fields) — all disciplines have their own outlets, although some of these are fairly general (as in the Chronicle). For a comprehensive list of resources (and a frequently updated list of jobs), check out the Academic Jobs Wiki and the specific lists for Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology, and Biological Anthropology.

The AAA’s Career Center

This is the catchall for anthropologists, and most jobs in anthropology — tenure track or not — are listed here. But not all jobs are, in part because it costs money for departments to place ads on each of these sites. So many schools with limited budgets will only post on 1-2 sites they think will reach their most desired audience.


The British (and European) job market is a little different than the US and Canada — it starts in late spring, and moves much more quickly. Anthropology positions are often in non-Anthropology — but social science — departments.

The Chronicle of Higher Ed

The Chronicle tends to post a lot of jobs in community colleges, liberal arts institutions, and second and third tier research universities — it can be good to locate adjunct positions in your area. It has also increasingly become the one-stop listing for many academic jobs, and is worth setting up alerts for.

Inside Higher Ed

Inside Higher Education hosts an all-purpose job board — much like the Chronicle for Higher Ed.

H-Net Job Postings

H-Net posts a wide variety of kinds of jobs, tending towards research universities. It’s also a reliable venue for late announcements (often visiting positions to fill vacancies). Because it’s free, most jobs will appear here.

Academic Keys

Academic Keys tends to post jobs in administration — they can be fairly high level and bureaucratic.

Royal Anthropological Institute’s Vacancy Link

The RAI includes mostly UK positions, including postdocs.

Academic Positions

Academic Positions posts jobs for the EU (primarily), and follows the European job market (more spring than fall).

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